Alright, y’all, who broke into my house and switched my little girl with a full blown toddler?   She’s a BIG GIRL now.  That wasn’t supposed to happen.  I made a deal with God that she would stay wee for a long time.  At least three years!  *looks at the calendar*  Oh, yeah.   It has been almost three years, hasn’t it?   My bad, y’all, my bad.

SuperDad showed me a video of CityGirl when she was about 7 1/2 months old.   She was furniture surfing and she said “bye bye”.  I looked at the toddler sitting on her fold out couch on the floor in front of me and said, “When the heck did that happen? When did she grow up?”   I feel like I blinked for a really long time and she grew up quick like.

I’ve told SuperDad this many, many times.   I feel like I’ve missed way too much with CityGirl. Being a working mother, I missed a lot of firsts with her.   I was thankfully there for a few of them, like her first steps.  (Which, by the way, were deliberately to me as I sat down after coming home from work.  Aww.)  I remember watching those and asking SD if she had taken steps while I was at work and when he assured me she hadn’t, I thought he was lying to make me feel better. Seriously.  But he wasn’t, and God had saved that little moment for me, so I wouldn’t go out of my mind with sadness and regret.

And now I get to be here for BittyGirl’s firsts.   And SuperDad might be the one missing them if things change and he’s no longer working from home.  And I’m going to hurt for him, as I know how it feels to miss them.  I’d better get in some practice with the camera so I can record some of them for him!

And then I remember growing up with SisterFriend and I think, “Great, I’m also going to be here for the first fight.”  See, I’m not sentimental ALL the time, I’m a realist too!  And if my girls are anything like we were, I think I should invest in some body armour for them now.  Do they make that stuff in toddler sizes?