This post is just for Kearsie, so she won’t feel alone in her materialism. 🙂

Ok, pull up a chair and sit down, because The Funny Sister’s about to tell you a little story. This is about how I gained possession of a diamond tennis bracelet.

I was 19 years old. I started working at a chain jewelry store, but after the holiday season, they didn’t need me. Luckily, a store 30 minutes away did and wanted me to transfer. I’ll never forget my first day. I walked in and waited for the manager so I could get set up. I found myself standing my the clearance case. I looked down and saw it. The bracelet. It was gorgeous. White gold with diamonds. I’m not a yellow gold kind of gal, you see. And white gold/platinum wasn’t nearly that popular yet. So seeing something in white gold caught my attention.

Y’all, I’m not even a jewelry person. That would be SisterFriend, who is affectionately known as the Accessory Queen. She’s got more jewelry than you can shake a stick at, I swear. But I digress…

The clearance case is always 50% off and I’d get my employee discount on top of that, but that bracelet was still WAY out of my price range. I mean, the thing was 3 carats total weight. Every day I would go into work and look at it. EVERY. DAY. I do not exaggerate. I would often offer to pull that side of the store at closing just so I could look at it more. Seriously. It was a sickness, an obsession. Occasionally the clearance case would have a special sale where everything was marked down to 60% off but it was still just too much for me to think about spending.

I worked at that store for a year, just to give you an idea of how long I drooled over it. Then it happened. It was about a month before I was going to leave my job at the jewelry store. I came into work and my manager looked at me. She had a smile on her face and I was confused. I thought I was about to get in trouble for something. And that’s when she said it. “Corporate just came out with our new sales. I think you’re going to be happy.” Apparently they were marking down every piece of diamond jewelry in the clearance cases 70% AND allowing employees to use their discount on them, which was unheard of. Oh, and did she forget to mention they were raising the employee discount temporarily?

My jaw dropped. It was as if God Himself were saying, “Here, have this bracelet.” I walked out that day with my bracelet. MY. BRACELET. MINE!

Since I bought it, I’ve moved quite a few times. There have been times where I thought it was lost. Panic races through me. I start to shake. I get nauseated. Just thinking about losing it drives me mad. But then it is found and all is right with the world. SuperDad bought me a beautiful jewelry box that holds my very few pieces of jewelry. The bracelet has it’s own special drawer. It’s my one really nice REAL piece of jewelry and it means a lot to me. Why? Because it’s the first instance I can remember having any form of patience and not being quick to act for instant gratification. And it paid off.