Filters.  There are all SORTS of different filters out there.  You’ve got your air filter, your water filter, your coffee filter…  I could go on and on, but I’m the Funny Sister, not the Boring Sister.  (Maybe sometimes, but let’s not get technical now, shall we?)

This is not a blog about all the different filters out there.  This is about MENTAL filters.  You know, the things that catch those comments that are best left INSIDE your head before they turn into words and come pouring out of your open mouth and then are promptly replaced by your foot?  That’s the kind of filter I want to address today.

I like to think I’ve got a pretty decent filter up in there.  *taps on her head*  I’ve come across some people in my time that, well, let’s call a spade a spade here.  Some people just have NO filter.  And it’s rather embarrassing to be around them.  They say something completely inappropriate for the situation you’re in and you can’t help but cringe.  You just wish you could take out your filter and give it to them, am I right?

I have different filters for different occassions because I’m advanced like that.  Sometimes, I’m like a collander, just letting stuff pour out when I’m with my friends.  Only the really private tidbits stay neatly inside my noggin because that’s not needing to get aired out.  Other times, I’m more like a coffee filter, keeping even the tiniest details in my brain, but giving out JUST enough information to get the point across.

While there are some people who have no filter, there are others whose filter only allows them to keep the focus on them.  Narcissists, if you will.  You come to them with a problem and all of a sudden you’re hearing all about how horrible things are going for them or how they had something JUST LIKE THAT (but totally different) happen to them and this is what they did.  They always find a way to take every scenario and make it about them.  They’ve got this nifty two way filter.  It won’t even let anything about anyone else in, so it’s ALWAYS about them.

Just something to think about.  What kind of filter do you have?  Do you HAVE one?  Do you NEED one?  Do you need a better one?