Ok, so maybe I need to change the name of my blog to “The Serious Sister”. Just been doing some heavy thinking lately and this is the only place I can really let it out!

An open letter to other adults who are older than me:

I understand that you think that I’m “only 32” and I’ve still got a lot of living to do. I sure hope that’s the case, to be honest. While I understand you think I’m young and inexperienced, I’d like to explain to you why your dismissal of my thoughts and opinions is not only hurtful, but could be detrimental to others.

I’m a firm believer that God allows us to go through certain things in order to strengthen us. He puts situations in some of our lives and teaches us things from those that He wants us to use later on to help others. When you have received a very clear calling from God in this area, it’s foolish not to take heed and follow through. I know this because I’ve lived through something and received that very call. And while I’m “only 32”, I feel I’ve lived a lot of life in that time. I was forced to learn lessons and gain wisdom on matters that some people NEVER learn because they, quite thankfully, never go through something like I did.

So when I speak, please don’t think to yourself, “She has no idea what life is really all about.” I don’t claim to know that. But God has shown me things and brought me through things in order to be a light for Him – and if you snuff out that light, you’re hurting God – not me. I’ve got things to say. I’ve got things to share. I know from experience that “more mature” adults can learn a thing or two by listening to my life stories, as I’ve been told that on several occasions.

This isn’t a prideful thing either. It’s just the truth.