Penn State Students Clash With Police in Unrest After Announcement

I read this article and I’m seriously wondering what is wrong with our world. Has hero worship really gone this far? Are the youth of today ready to turn a blind eye to the cover up of sexual abuse just because a guy has helped a team win some football games?

“I think the point people are trying to make is the media is responsible for Joe Pa going down,” said a freshman, Mike Clark, 18, adding that he believed that Mr. Paterno had met his legal and moral responsibilities by telling university authorities about an accusation that Mr. Sandusky assaulted a boy in a university shower in 2002.

No, no, no. The media is not responsible. The people in power at the university who did nothing to stop the abuse are responsible. The media would have nothing to report on if they had done the right thing before all of this. Sandusky would have been the only one in the news. Joe Paterno could have easily avoided this by properly reporting this abuse.

“We got rowdy, and we got maced,” Jeff Heim, 19, said rubbing his red, teary eyes. “But make no mistake, the board started this riot by firing our coach. They tarnished a legend.”

No, I’m sorry Jeff, but the board did NOT start the riot. YOU STARTED THE RIOT. They tarnished a legend? Seriously? Joe Paterno tarnished his OWN legacy by allowing this abuse to continue. HE COULD HAVE MADE IT RIGHT. Imagine how much MORE of a legend he would be if he had put an end to this the minute he knew of the abuse. He would have been heralded as not only a great coach, but an advocate for the protection of children.

…Justin Muir, 20, a junior studying hotel and restaurant management, threw rolls of toilet paper into the trees.

“It’s not fair,” Mr. Muir said hurling a white ribbon. “The board is an embarrassment to our school and a disservice to the student population.”

No, Justin. The demonstrators who decided committing crimes of their own to protest against someone being fired for committing a crime are the embarrassment to the school. SHAME ON ALL OF YOU. Where are the protests to show support for the boys who had their innocence ripped away from them? Where is the outrage over THAT?

They flipped over a news van. They damaged other cars by climbing on them and dancing on them. Police officers were assualted. All because someone covered up sexual abuse of young boys.

Mixed in the crowd were a few dissenting opinions. Dan Smith, 21, a junior studying secondary education, said he thought the board was correct.

“The hardest part, because he was a hero to me, is coming to grips with what he did, or actually what he didn’t do,” Mr. Smith said.

I love how they saved this part until the end of the article. At least SOMEONE gets it. Thank you, Dan, for that. Thank you for pointing out that he did something wrong. Thank you for making some sense.

I have way more to say. But my children can read my blog and I don’t want to use the words that are in my head right now.