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Halloween has come and gone.  I finished my costume an hour before we had to leave for the Hallelujah Fest at our church.  Oh yeah, I love me some procrastination!  CityGirl and BittyGirl looked stinking adorable in their poodle skirt outfits.  SuperDad, gracious man that he is, didn’t point out how dumpy I looked in mine until after he had posted pictures to his Facebook and I made a comment.  He replied with, “Yeah, that wasn’t the most flattering outfit on you.”

I think it also bears mentioning that as we came home from his parents’ house to show off the girls’ costumes, we were headed upstairs to change clothes.  He gently tells me, “Yeah, I guess you didn’t notice that your skirt is see through.  I could see your checkered underwear.”  NICE ONE!  No, I didn’t realize that the thick felt I had used for our skirts would be see through.  And I also didn’t realize that my loving husband wouldn’t tell me before we left the house.  He swears he didn’t notice it until we were at his parents’ house at the end of the night.  I have my doubts.

I can’t say I’m the most stellar observationist either.  While we were at the shindig at church, one of our friends came up to me and said, “So, how do you like the new clean shaven look?”  I looked up at him, a bit bewildered, as he was sporting his usual goatee.  He noted my confusion and said, “Your husband?  He shaved?”  I said, “No he didn’t.”  He pointed him out in a game line with CityGirl and I buried my face in my hands.  There stood SuperDad, minus his usual facial hair.  I SO FAIL.  I was even up close and personal with that face while I was helping him slick his hair back for his 50s ‘do.

Seriously, do married people just stop looking at each other at some point?  I’m starting to think that’s the case!

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