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I haven’t been around.  I know.  I miss me too.  I promise I’m coming back.  Life has yet again gotten in the way of my blogging.  HOW DARE THAT HAPPEN?!  🙂

But I come back bearing a peace offering.  SAVINGS!  We are going to be spending our Christmas in Nashville with SuperDad’s sister and her family.  Seeing as how we barely get snow here, I did not own a proper winter coat.  Well, that’ll change once I get this delivered:  Nine West Women’s Nylon Zip Front Jacket With Faux Fur.  And the best part?  Due to a credit I had with Amazon, I’m getting it free!  Woot!  Can’t beat that.

But as part of their Deal of the Day, you can get a bunch of coats, some of them even under $30!  So if you need one, go forth and save.

And yes, I am very much dreaming of (and praying for) a White Christmas.


I woke up this morning to a world where I focused on the important things: my family.  SuperDad and I took the girls to the library.  We checked out some books and DVDs for CityGirl.  I wandered around the stacks with BittyGirl in my arms and found myself in the cookbook section.  I grabbed a couple to bring home.  One is a cookbook with recipes from the Charleston area, The Boathouse: Tales and Recipes from a Southern Kitchen.  We vacationed there a little over a month ago and I fell in love with the grits I had during a spectacular lunch at the Southend Brewery & Smokehouse.  I’m determined to perfect my own.

I also picked up Jessica Seinfeld’s Deceptively Delicious, which I think will be good since CityGirl has been refusing vegetables for a good bit. And heck, if the rest of the family gets more veggies, who am I to complain? They had The Sneaky Chef by Missy Chase Lapine and I’ll check that out next time to compare.

While I was perusing the stacks, I came across Billy Blanks’ Tae-Bo Cardio. Yes, I checked it out. Let’s see if the thing ever makes it into the DVD player!  🙂  When we visit my family this month for Thanksgiving, we’re having some family pictures done and I’m determined not to be fat.  Now, I know I’m not seriously overweight, but I could do better.  And I’m going to, come hell or high water.  I want to be what SisterFriend likes to refer to constantly – a hot mom!  I had Tae-Bo videos before and let me tell you, Billy Blanks KICKS MY BUTT AND I LIKE IT.  That man puts out a good workout video.  I’m looking forward to trying this one and working up a sweat.  Let’s just hope I don’t trip on a toy and kill myself.  😀

I forgot how much the library rocks.  I am glad I get to enjoy it more now!

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