Two posts in and I’ve already received an award? It was awarded to me by SisterFriend, so this is truly nepotism in its best form.

(I’m with Kearsie, the misspelled word bothers me.)

From what I can gather, I’m supposed to list 6 random facts about myself and then tag 6 other bloggers.  But, uhm, yeah.  The only bloggers I know have already been tagged and/or done this themselves.  (Hey, I’m new, give me a break!)

1. I’m currently sipping cherry Kool Aid.  Wait, it’s not even Kool Aid, it’s the generic brand.  I’m the only one in the house drinking it.  It was 10 packets for $1 and it was a heckuva lot cheaper than the pink lemonade mix I usually buy.  I probably have red stained lips.  And I don’t care.

2. CityGirl got chocolate milk and animal crackers for breakfast yesterday.  Where’s my Mother Of The Year Award?  (One of my favorite bits from Bill Cosby’s Himself is the part where he talks about giving his kids chocolate cake for breakfast.  “Dad is great, he gave us the chocolate cake…”)

3. I was an extra on the TV show “Step By Step” when they filmed a season finale at Disney World and Epcot.  I was actually on the screen for 15 seconds, walking across a bridge.  SUPERSTAR!

4. I can’t help but laugh at the faces BittyGirl makes when she’s pooping.  I don’t know if that makes me an awesome mom or totally insane.

5. The switch from career woman to SAHM has not been easy.  I found myself giving SuperDad my “plan of action” for the week.  He gave me a funny look and I said, “You’re my boss now.  I CAN’T JUST TURN IT OFF!”

6. I wanted to be a private investigator at one point in time.  If it weren’t for the two young children in my home, I’d seriously consider this as a career again.  I like catching bad guys.


I got a bee in my bonnet and decided that this year, I would make a costume for CityGirl. BittyGirl was gifted with a dress that, quite honestly, she would never wear. It’s got crinoline, people. That stiff, scratchy, not-baby-friendly material that clothes makers seem to love to use to poof up dresses. It’s a cute dress, but who wants to fuss with a baby in a dress like that? Heck, just putting BittyGirl in the car seat is going to mess it up. It just so happened to look like a 50’s poodle skirt. So I had the brilliant idea to make a poodle skirt for CityGirl and *gasp* me as well.

Uhm, yeah. See the date on this post? Day before Halloween and, in turn, our church’s harvest festival. I’m still not done with CityGirl’s and I haven’t even started on mine. I got BG down for her nap today and started up on CG’s skirt again. No sooner had I realized that: 1) I needed my iron and 2) I’m totally taking some liberties in regards to the pattern directions, BG woke up. I went back upstairs, got her back down to sleep and returned to realize the iron I needed was upstairs. In the bedroom. Where BG was now sound asleep. The skirt can wait. Even if it means staying up until all hours of the night, this skirt will get finished. I might even attempt to make mine, lest I waste the money I spent on the fabric and pattern. Can’t have wasted money. Nosirree.

I’m glad I have some sensibilities when it comes to crafty things. I know I can cut some corners and still have these come out ok. But, the perfectionist in me is DYING. I just have to keep reminding myself that these are COSTUMES. This too shall pass. But dang if we aren’t going to be the cutest family out there. 🙂

So, here it is.  I’m officially a stay-at-home-mom.  (SAHM for those up on their internet abbreviations.)  Is this what I wanted?  Well, I thought it was.  Was I ready for it?  NOT ON YOUR LIFE.  How did it happen?  Finding myself suddenly unemployed as of last Thursday.

Could I have found another job?  Definitely.  Why haven’t/didn’t/won’t I?  Because SuperDad and I decided that what is best for our family is for me to stay home with the girls.  Even if that means he has to take on another job or two.  Because he is, as I said, SuperDad.  Why is he SuperDad?  Well, up until last Friday, he worked a full time job from home AND took care of our girls, CityGirl (3 years old) and BittyGirl (5 months old).  That right there is THREE full time jobs as far as I’m concerned.

It’s kind of funny, looking back on how we started down this path.  Last Wednesday night, I lost it.  And by “lost it”, I mean I was very close to needing to be committed.  SuperDad posted a little note in his Facebook about going grocery shopping with the girls.  He wrote about the moms and grandmas that stopped him and said how amazing it was that he was taking care of both the girls.  And that right there?  KILLED. ME.  He was always being told what an amazing husband and father he is, which he totally deserves.  But ask me how many times someone complemented my wife-ness and mothering skills.  Go on, ASK.  *waits patiently*  Oh, wait, this is the internet, you can’t ask me.

Zero.  Nada.  Zilch.  Not once has anyone told me I’m a good wife and mother.  I would go to work every day, bust my butt for people who didn’t deserve that much of my energy, and then come home too tired and beat down to actually do the things a good wife and mother should do.  So no, no one ever told me I was a good wife and mother, and I didn’t deserve to be told such a thing anyway.  So that Wednesday night, I lost my marbles and screamed, “I CAN’T TAKE IT ANYMORE.  I can’t keep going to work and getting beat down and come home to the same.  I can’t keep putting all this energy into people who don’t matter and not having any more for the people who do!”

The next day, SuperDad’s day started out very rough with CityGirl and BittyGirl.  I went into work.  I did the best job I could do, going out of my way for the last clients I had before getting called into a meeting and hearing the words “termination” and “clean out your desk”.  I called SuperDad and broke the news to him.  He thought I was joking.  When he realized that no, I do not have the WORST SENSE OF HUMOR EVER, he wanted to come down and pound some faces in.  After I calmed him down, he just came and sat in the parking lot, waiting to give me the hug that I so desperately needed.

And then we went home.  And we talked.  And we realized that God had been trying to get us to make changes in our life so that I could be at home with the girls.  And he said that he would do whatever it took to make it happen.  Because above all else, my husband is truly a man out to take care of his family.  He wants what is best for ALL of us.  And that right there is why I love him so much.

So my new job is to be the best wife and mother I can be.  Will people tell me I’m SuperMom?  Heck no, and I don’t expect it.  Will I feel like SuperMom?  Heck no, I’m going to feel totally useless most of the time.  But will I love it?  HECK YES.

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