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I got a bee in my bonnet and decided that this year, I would make a costume for CityGirl. BittyGirl was gifted with a dress that, quite honestly, she would never wear. It’s got crinoline, people. That stiff, scratchy, not-baby-friendly material that clothes makers seem to love to use to poof up dresses. It’s a cute dress, but who wants to fuss with a baby in a dress like that? Heck, just putting BittyGirl in the car seat is going to mess it up. It just so happened to look like a 50’s poodle skirt. So I had the brilliant idea to make a poodle skirt for CityGirl and *gasp* me as well.

Uhm, yeah. See the date on this post? Day before Halloween and, in turn, our church’s harvest festival. I’m still not done with CityGirl’s and I haven’t even started on mine. I got BG down for her nap today and started up on CG’s skirt again. No sooner had I realized that: 1) I needed my iron and 2) I’m totally taking some liberties in regards to the pattern directions, BG woke up. I went back upstairs, got her back down to sleep and returned to realize the iron I needed was upstairs. In the bedroom. Where BG was now sound asleep. The skirt can wait. Even if it means staying up until all hours of the night, this skirt will get finished. I might even attempt to make mine, lest I waste the money I spent on the fabric and pattern. Can’t have wasted money. Nosirree.

I’m glad I have some sensibilities when it comes to crafty things. I know I can cut some corners and still have these come out ok. But, the perfectionist in me is DYING. I just have to keep reminding myself that these are COSTUMES. This too shall pass. But dang if we aren’t going to be the cutest family out there. 🙂

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