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I have decided to participate in National Blog Posting Month because I appreciate a challenge.  Let’s see if I can keep this up.  You might get some useless trivia about me, but hey, at least I’ll be posting.  But for today, I have an actual post…

I enjoy doing graphic design as a hobby.  I’ve designed wedding invitations for friends and family.  Heck, I designed, printed, and assembled the invitations and programs for my own wedding.  And these aren’t just your typical, ordinary invitations.  Our wedding had a 1950s theme and I had to do it just so.  Our programs were a throwback to the Playbills from older Broadway shows, complete with a cast listing and shout out to the costume designers!  I designed the website, tickets and programs for my high school reunion.  Could I have done something simple and less time consuming?  Of course.  But I can’t do simple.  It isn’t in me!

Why do I bring this up?  Well, it’s to make a confession.  I am a font nerd.  It’s about time I owned up to it.  I can design images quickly, but I will spend hours searching out the perfect font for a project.  It has to fit the mood and theme of what I’m working on.  My computer is littered with fonts I may never use that I’ve come across during my hunting expeditions.  I might need them for some other project in the future!  I must have it!  It’s a sickness, people.  I just may need an intervention.

I had slacked off on the font collecting for a good bit.  But now that I’m not working, I was thinking about trying to do more freelance graphic design.  And with that, the font collecting begins again.  So, if you need me, I’ll be over on the font websites, hunting down the perfect font to type up my grocery list this week…

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